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Automated Messages Don’t Work! I repeat.. no I’m not going to repeat lol. They just don’t, lifeless robot messages will not be read. End of title.

Has anyone ever liked one of Tony Robbins aka BIG head business guy (I couldn’t remember his name) posts? If you haven’t—don’t do it, seriously… You will be barraged with an onslaught of unwanted automated emails. It’s kind of #ridiculousness. With the money that man has, he could be doing such a better job resonating…
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Dynamic microphone or Condenser microphone for Podcasting?

A dynamic microphone or Condensor microphone for Podcasting? I personally use dynamic mics, mainly to cancel out background noise. Although, I have heard condenser mics sound more clear (Note, the cost is a factor in sound quality) DYNAMIC MICROPHONE: You can use it in a non-controlled area (background noise won’t be a huge factor with…
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MAD MOGULS, EPISODE 4.0: “Viva Las Vegas! Local 808 Events - Mad Mogul Mobile Bars of Vegas"


Mad Moguls Podcast Episode 4.0 – Local 808 Events – Mad Mogul Mobile Bars of Vegas #MadMoguls #Podcast Episode 4.0 with Local 808 Events! Viva Las Vegas, Baby ~ Mobile Bar Industry #local In this episode, we talk about the local bar scene in Las Vegas with local bar moguls, Dane and Marissa Pretkus, and…
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Mad Moguls Podcast Featured Image, episode 3.0 with justin young #madmoguls and Shane Leis #cannabinoidremedies

MAD MOGULS, EPISODE 3.0: “CBD! What is is Good For? Absolutely Nothing or Something Awesome?”

Mad Moguls Episode 3.0 – #CBD ? What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing or Something Awesome!? With Shane Leis from Cannabinoid Remedies. In this episode of #MadMoguls , with your Mad Moguls #Podcast Cost of Fantasticalness, Justin Young, and Co-Mogul, Manuel Medina – We interview Shane Leis, Expert in #CBD from Cannabinoid Remedies, right…
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soundcloud cover photo episode 2.0 with justin young #madmoguls and patrick sampson #sampsonproductions

Mad Moguls, Episode 2.0: “Robots in Sports – Inside the Bodybuilding Industry”, Mad Moguls Host of #Fantasticalness , with Patrick Sampson, Owner of Sampson Productions @sampsonproductions and a Ridiculously Long title

Let’s Look inside robots in sports, and how a little girl can beat me up! in the #fabulouso Episode 2.0 of Mad Moguls “Robots in Sports – Inside the Bodybuilding Industry”, Mad Moguls Host of #Fantasticalness , Justin Young; with Guest Mogul, Patrick Sampson, Owner of Sampson Productions @sampsonproductions ; and Co-Mogul Manuel Medina

Will we become cyborgs in the future? with your mad moguls host of fantasticalness, Justin Young #madmoguls #cyborg #aiworld

Will Humans Become Cyborgs? For Real? It’s Closer Than You Think

Will Humans Become Cyborgs? For Real? It’s Closer Than You Think. Is that really something I’m bringing up? What? Here? No way! Answer: YES WAY! Nueralink Technologies like Nueralink will possibly be one of the main catalysts for an A.I. complete societal change, along with the utilization of data from social and search engines. Bringing…
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how to choose a business name - author - justin young , mad moguls podcast, episode 2

Choosing a Business Name: How to Come up with the Perfect Name and Separate Your Brand From the Competition

In this article / podcast I’ll talk about choosing a business name and why the name you select is so important for the success of your brand. In addition, how to choose the right business name for your business, what you need to look for before getting set on a name that may not work…
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mad moguls podcast - episode: 1.0, Hosted by Justin Young, with our guest Corinthian Jimaii, owner of the Cool Nerd Squad

Mad Moguls, Episode 1.0: “Will Robots take over the world?” With our guest, Corinthian Jamaii

In episode 1 of the Mad Moguls podcast Justin Young, Founder and CEO of 702 Pros interviews Corinthian with the Cool Nerd Squad about where tech and business are going, and how it will effect business owners in the years to come. Visit our website to subscribe for more information on business coming together with…
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