Will Humans Become Cyborgs? For Real? It’s Closer Than You Think

Will Humans Become Cyborgs? For Real? It’s Closer Than You Think

Will we become cyborgs in the future? with your mad moguls host of fantasticalness, Justin Young #madmoguls #cyborg #aiworld

Will Humans Become Cyborgs? For Real? It’s Closer Than You Think. Is that really something I’m bringing up? What? Here? No way! Answer: YES WAY!


Technologies like Nueralink will possibly be one of the main catalysts for an A.I. complete societal change, along with the utilization of data from social and search engines. Bringing the birth of cyborgenic hybrids. The division of human regulars and human/mechanical/artificial intelligent beings (cyborgs).

The “people” who have been bred with ai/robotics will someday, possibly soon, become a large problem for the general human population. The debate will be the separation of human regulars and cyborgs in sports, education, and social standing – in fact, our entire way of life. We will essentially be forced to become cyborgs or at the very least strongly influenced to integrate.

This last part was copied, in part, from my personal Instagram page https://instagram.com/justinsunshinelv , so it will have a bit of the same info, but go further in terms of metaphors and relations between moral dilemmas, and integration into society. While your on Insta ~ checkout our Mad Moguls Instagram page of fantasticalness as well https://instagram.com/madmoguls_

What makes us human?

Will Cyborgs take over the world?? Debate on what makes us human and at what point do we become something other than… With tech like Nueralink, I feel we are taking steps toward integrating further with technology, where it not only becomes part of how we think and live our lives ~ it becomes part of our very body.


Controlling thought and leveraging robotic engineering to make us faster and stronger than humanly possible, just to name a few implementations.. or even moving things with our mind, like the FORCE ~ which would be pretty awesome!! I believe, in the future this will be a source of problems in the dynamics of society and cause a division between non ai/robotics integrated humans and regulars (non ai-humans).. and I think it’s closer than you think.

We gave it up like a Bud Lite drunk chick on prom night

Giving it up benefits

With the internet we are collaborating on ideas and coming up with age-old solutions to problems we’ve been dealing with for years, in a relatively short amount of time as compared to previous generations, perhaps in all of history. Sharing ideas and gaining new profound and insightful information, like this post! (uuuu.. See what I did there?) There is no doubt that the internet is a phenomenal thing and helps us connect, and gain knowledge more effectively, but at what cost.

And the negatives of spreading our metaphorical prom night legs open to the webbbbb

I believe with every action there is an equal reaction. Well, I guess that’s not just a belief it is a real-life thing.

ANNNNaallooogggy timeeeeee!!: Recoil from a gun. You shoot and the gun recoils. I just don’t get the equal reaction part, but that’s neither here nor there. Every reaction isn’t always equal in my mind.

Ok, back to the point at hand. We have given all of our knowledge and even brought our personal lives into the fray of internet allure, but at what cost. The sad part is, when we use platforms like Google and Facebook, we sign a terms and conditions contract of use that allows these platforms to utilize our information in any way they see fit. This is possibly used to our benefit, but also feeds the ever-growing AI beast.

Every dog photo, hashtag and girl that just took a dump and then does a duck-faced selfie in the mirror is feeding it. And believe me, it’s hungry for ducked face post dump photos, but even more our knowledge and understanding of one another. At this AI is used to make our lives easier, and it does, believe me, I love technology and am not stopping the use of it anytime soon ~ as my chick!!! I’m always not far from something tech-based, I am captivated by the creation we can do, the bright colors and even the nostalgia of feeling the device in my hand. But what is that old phrase? “what we love will kill us” I believe this may be the very phrase that will define generations to come and will define our roles in the societies of the future.

To God or not to God, that is the Question

Not that you are required to believe in God or Creation to believe or understand this next part, but its something to think about: .

The internet in a way is similar to the Bible story of the Tower of Babylon when the people attempted to build a tower to heaven.

As a result, God separates the people and had them speak different languages. Now I feel like as the entire world becomes connected through technology, we will work together to build something we mere humans can simply not understand ~ and with AI as an example, may destroy us in the end.

The tower analogy is simply metaphor for knowledge that cannot be controlled or understood by man.. Frankly speaking, We are a speck of sand in the ocean of existence, a vapor in the wind of time.. and no matter how many selfies I take or live post I create, I know I am fundamentally insignificant in the spectrum and vast scope of multidimensional space and energy.

Signing off

You Humble Mad Moguls Host of Fantasticalness,

Justin Young

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