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Dynamic microphone or Condenser microphone for Podcasting?

A dynamic microphone or Condensor microphone for Podcasting? I personally use dynamic mics, mainly to cancel out background noise. Although, I have heard condenser mics sound more clear (Note, the cost is a factor in sound quality) DYNAMIC MICROPHONE: You can use it in a non-controlled area (background noise won’t be a huge factor with…
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mad moguls podcast - episode: 1.0, Hosted by Justin Young, with our guest Corinthian Jimaii, owner of the Cool Nerd Squad

Mad Moguls, Episode 1.0: “Will Robots take over the world?” With our guest, Corinthian Jamaii

In episode 1 of the Mad Moguls podcast Justin Young, Founder and CEO of 702 Pros interviews Corinthian with the Cool Nerd Squad about where tech and business are going, and how it will effect business owners in the years to come. Visit our website to subscribe for more information on business coming together with…
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