MAD MOGULS, EPISODE 3.0: “CBD! What is is Good For? Absolutely Nothing or Something Awesome?”

MAD MOGULS, EPISODE 3.0: “CBD! What is is Good For? Absolutely Nothing or Something Awesome?”

Mad Moguls Podcast Featured Image, episode 3.0 with justin young #madmoguls and Shane Leis #cannabinoidremedies

Mad Moguls Episode 3.0 – #CBD ? What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing or Something Awesome!? With Shane Leis from Cannabinoid Remedies.

In this episode of #MadMoguls , with your Mad Moguls #Podcast Cost of Fantasticalness, Justin Young, and Co-Mogul, Manuel Medina – We interview Shane Leis, Expert in #CBD from Cannabinoid Remedies, right here in Las Vegas, NV. He goes over how he got started in the CBD industry, the pitfalls he’s experienced while starting the company and successes he’s had.

Shane tells us about his client demographic, which is surprisingly an older client, ranging from 50 years old to 80 years old. This age group, which is in the higher numbers for medication consumption is very interested in a herbal alternative and Shane does his best to inform them on the best products and open their hearts and minds to the possibilities and benefits that CBD has to offer.

Shane continues in telling us how CBD is made, the difference between CBD and THC (marijuana) and how you can verify that you won’t be getting high from this herbal healing oracle of hope.

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Thank you for listening and hope you enjoy the podcast!
You Mad Moguls Host of #Fantasticalness, Justin Young

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Mad Moguls Podcast, episode 3.0 with justin young #madmoguls and Shane Leis #cannabinoidremedies

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